Friday, 24 July 2015


I find that, since last year, people have begun to question my mental capabilities e.g. asking if my extreme language has been caused by my illness or my medication or saying how forgetful l have been lately. I feel offended by this as if they're invading my brain, that they know more about me than I do - if they were talking about my bad leg, l wouldn't mind so much but, as it is my brain, they are striking at the very heart of me - or rather, the very brain of me. Am I slowly descending into the abyss? Is this the start of Dementia? Or am l reading more into this than is there? What is the Christian answer? Is God? Are God? 

" those beautiful soft, deep images had plunged into my brain and broken against the inside of my head like tears of velvet." Mm...

"I came away from our meeting feeling as if I had been lifted me up and thrown hard against a wall causing me to shatter into thousands of petals that floated and fell and then bled as the breeze dragged them across grit and dirt."

Well, maybe...

.....they were right to question this! Maybe I should see someone ("Vell, Meester Andrews, ve haf looked at your brain und ve haf come to ze conclusion zat it is very interesting but stupid") or maybe I shouldn't give a fuck what anybody thinks and just carry on making mistakes like everybody else does!!

I listened to The Goon Show last night - you think I'm crazy? You should have heard Henry Crun and Min Bannister trying to outdo each other, singing sea shanties.

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