Friday, 15 July 2011


I saw ''Tree of Life'' last night with my daughter at the delightful, wonderful Duke of York's cinema in Brighton. It was made by Terrence Mallick. It got 5 stars (out of 5 - well, it could have been out of 10. I'm not giving it 5 out of 10, I'M JUST EXPLAINING AND MAKING CLEAR THAT IT WAS TOP RATED BY TH - oh bugger, now look at what's happened). Anyway, it got 5 stars in the Guardian - the paper that helped expose the News of the World hacking scandal - HURRAH! - but I thought ''Thin Red Line'' was a flawed film partly because of George Clooney's cameo (nothing wrong with his acting but why bung him in? It almost single handedly undermined the whole film) and so I was wary.

''Tree of Life'' has some amazing scenes in it but then Mallick repeats them (eg washing feet) and both my daughter and I were confused on some things. It was beautifully filmed but too beautifully so really I think it merited nearer 3 stars. It certainly stirred us up and we discussed it at some length afterwards. However, it just didn't move me and I was ready and available for it do so. But it didn't. Brad Pitt was ok, Sean Penn more interesting and the woman who played the wife was a bit vapid but that was down to the direction rather than her acting ability. The kids were great as was the transformation of them from babies to boys. But thinking back, I became less impressed - I won't see it again.

We were both desperate for some sweets at the beginning but they're not good for either of us so we were strong and resisted them.

So, what has this all got to do with Parkinson's Disease? Well, the drug Mirapexin makes me quite sleepy and I can fall asleep watching even my favourite TV programmes. I am a great film fan but I haven't been to the cinema for some while and I think it is because I'm afraid of falling asleep and wasting time and money in the process. However, the film was 238 minutes long and I didn't fall asleep. This is only significant so far as my illness is concerned - I say that because I didn't fall asleep whilst watching the film ''Funny People'' either and that really made me cross because it was the worst film I had seen in a long time.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Yep, I did. One of the symptoms of my illness is Tremor. Not everyone who has Parkinson's has tremor but I do. When it got worse, some years ago, I bought an electric razor but it didn't give me a very close shave. So, some time after I started taking the heavy drugs i.e. Levadopa, I went back to using a wet hand razor. This gives me a better, closer shave (sorry, this is beginning to sound like an advert for Gillette) but, if for example, I have had a bad night and not slept well or if I am particularly wound up about something, then I shake more....with the inevitable consequences.

And so it was (yes, we've got there at last) that this morning, I shook whilst shaving and so cut my nose.

So what? I hear you say. Well, quite. I  don't know why I bothered starting this blog in the first place except I thought it might be informative about Parkinson's Disease but hopefully, it will get more interesting.